About us

Hus Le Foundation is a nonprofit organization focused on contributing back to the society through various philanthropic and charitable initiatives.

Our goal is to provide relief to the neglected individuals that includes –
- Establishing Aged Care & Children’s Home,
- Provide good Health & Nutrition,
- Education,
- Water & Sanitation and
- Sustainable Development.

As they say,

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

and here at Hus Le Family, we do believe that a little help with a little smile is the step towards kindness.


Hus Le foundation was formed in December 2020 under the guidance and leadership of Dr. Prashant Singh supported by Dr. Namrata Rajderkar and other members of the foundation. While practicing in Rayate, Maharashtra Dr. Prashant identified mental, physical, and financial vulnerability among his patients. Most of this population came from tribal communities in and around Rayate. This triggered the very first step towards establishing Hus Le Foundation to help the ones in need.


Building a future for neglected individuals by providing shelter, good health and quality education.


Our mission is to empower vulnerable children, women, youth and elderly people through pertinent education, innovative healthcare services and agriculture/livelihood programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of organisation is Hus Le?

Hus Le is a non-profit organisation registered in Kalyan, Maharashtra, India.

Does Hus Le Foundation charge for its services ?

No. All Hus Le Foundation services are free of charge. Hus Le is a non-profit making organisation.

Who can join Hus Le Foundation?

You can volunteer in any of the Hus Le activities and support us in the cause.

Can I join Hus Le as an individual?

No. But we welcome volunteers as our main goal is to give back to the society and any help is appreciable.

What kind of services Hus le Foundation provides?

Hus Le Foundation focuses on providing  good Health & Nutrition, Education, Water & Sanitation and Sustainable Development and many other humanitarian services. We are also in the process of establishing Old-Age Home & Orphanage.

Will Hus Le Foundation work in any other country?

We primarily work only in India. But if you think there could be a need for Hus Le in the country where you are working please get in touch with us.

Who funds Hus Le Foundation?

Hus Le is funded by humanitarian donors.

Who started Hus Le Foundation and why?

Hus Le Foundation was started by Dr. Prashant Singh who identified mental, physical and financial vulnerabilities in the mostly tribal population while serving as a doctor in Rayate village.

Work with Us

For Career - Email us your resume at carrier.huslefoundation@gmail.com.
For Volunteer - Email us your resume at info.huslefoundation@gmail.com.