Dr. Prashant Singh (Founder)

A person never been able to live with his own parents and forced to live with distant relatives due to certain unavoidable circumstances, experienced many unfortunate things since childhood that eventually took his childhood away from him. Stood on his own feet at a young age, Dr. Prashant Singh, always had a vision of doing good for the society as he was mostly deprived of it as a kid. His father was a great social worker in the state of Uttar Pradesh & He did whatever he could for the less fortunate, while Dr. Prashant growing up in Kalyan, Mumbai. As they say, fate is not always on your side. His father was diagnosed with terminal illness. Though Dr. Prashant did everything that he could, but the fate won eventually. After the death of his father Dr. Prashant realized that he was at least able to try and help save his father as he stood on his own feet at a young age but what of the people that are not in a condition to help their families? What of the people who offered him food in return for a treatment as they did not have any money but wanted to save their children? It did not take much for Dr. Prashant to trigger the thought of helping the ones in need. Today he strives to help the less fortunate in his own different ways. He comes up with not only short-term solutions but also considers its long-term benefits like women empowerment, job creation, education, water and sanitation etc.

Team Information

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 Phone: 8767701747
 Email: dr.singh@huslefoundation.org