Woman Empowerment

Today empowering women is a necessity to reshape the social, economic and health related development for their own selves and their families which will in turn help develop the society. There are many women who want to support their families and have great potential to learn, work and earn. But they cannot find a better suited opportunity due to various reasons like lack of knowledge, lack of gender-neutral opportunities, no support from families, financial hardships etc. Hus Le Foundation plans to help these women as the equation goes- ‘Stronger women equals better society’.  A survey will be carried out that will help target these women in need, find out their talents and interests and help them in that direction. For example, if a woman wants to learn stitching, we will help train her with the help of associated trainers and will eventually help her get a job or setup something of her own. To do so, we need help from trainers in different professional areas and we urge those skilled people to come forward, be a part of this initiate and help our cause.

Hus Le Foundation also aims at sports and cultural activities. We plan to organize such an activity every month for the women & kids and put a smile on their faces.