Hus Le Children’s Home

Hus le foundation is the first non-profit organization in Maharashtra to procure land for purpose-built Children’s home and Aged care home in one campus, construction to begin soon. Our goal is to provision orphaned or less fortunate children with a safe and encouraging environment to grow in. Hus Le’s Children’s home will nurture and educate children by enabling quality education and nutritious food. We plan to guide children and prepare them to be independent and self-sufficient in today’s world when they grow up, by exposing them to various career paths they can choose and help them along the way to acquire the required skill set and knowledge accordingly. Our cross pollination with the Aged Care will allow children to capture life experiences and guidance from the fellow aged residents in the same campus.

Our foundation realizes that these children need a family which will love and care for them to thrive in this world and hence we will be promoting Adoption and Foster homes. The foundation will ensure a child settles in the right family and most importantly with the right people through our “WeCare” program. In this program the foundation will thoroughly investigate the adopting family or foster family during the process, and once the process is complete our team will regularly inspect child wellbeing ensuring safety and healthy upbringing.