Hus Le Aged Care (Old age home)

People are most vulnerable when they grow old, and unfortunately due to various reasons their loved ones are unable to support and care for them in these delicate times. At Hus Le foundation’s Aged care home owned and managed by the founders of the foundation, we want to support elderly people who have no one to care for them and are left behind to battle through their lives on their own. We not only aim to provide them with shelter over their head but also encourage them to have a healthy lifestyle and engage them in various activities and keep them involved. We plan to do this by organizing nutritious diet, mild physical activities, and regular medical checkups/support.

Hus Le foundation Aged care home campus will be shared with Hus Le foundation’s Children’s home with an intention to keep a positive environment for residents of both establishments by engaging kids and elderly in activities together to promote mental health. We also believe that senior residents could share their knowledge and life experiences with the kids from the children’s home, and kids will help motivate the elderly by passing on their positive energy and happiness. We want to ensure that all required resources are available and provided to make lives of our Aged care residents sufficient and comfortable.