There are many families in India who cannot afford to wait for the long-term benefits of sending their kids to school, hence they send their kids to work instead. There are so many children that are talented and long to go to school or for higher studies, but they lack proper guidance, or the finances needed for it. Many Adivasi kids finish higher secondary school, but they are confused on which direction to go next as their families are mostly uneducated and there is no one else who can guide them. Hus Le Foundation aims to help these kids by associating them with proper trainers (Banking sector/ Health sector/ Insurance sector etc.) to help them understand their career pathways. We aim to help them with the books they need, help them understand the steps needed to get into government jobs, help give guidance from associated authorities, IAS officers etc. and set them up with proper coaching. Growing the literacy rate in India is difficult considering its low but not impossible. It may be a slow process but every step counts. And hence we encourage everyone to contribute for these children’s education and save them from going away from schools at young age.